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With representation in 5 countries, the Project is coordinated by the Portuguese Red Cross, in partnership with Spanish Red Cross, Slovenian Red Cross, Italian Red Cross and Hungarian Red Cross.

Portuguese Red Cross

Spanish Red Cross

Slovenian Red Cross

Italian Red Cross

Hungarian Red Cross

Portuguese Red Cross

With 159 years on the field, Portuguese Red Cross provides assistance in emergency situations, natural disasters, conflicts, and public health crises. In addition to its work in Portugal, participates in international humanitarian missions, in areas affected by disasters or conflicts around the world.

Portuguese Red Cross carries out various activities and services, including first aid, medical and psychosocial support, health education programs, food distribution, activities to people living in poverty or social exclusion, training and awareness programs for risk prevention. 

With more than 5,000 volunteers, plays an important role in promoting public health policies, supporting refugees and migrants, and raising awareness of issues of social and humanitarian relevance. 

Find more information related with Portuguese Red Cross activities, in our website: www.cruzvermelha.pt

Reference contacts:
– Gonçalo Orfão, Head of disaster manager department – goncalo.orfao@emergenciacvp.pt
– Flávia Fonseca, PIA Project Manager, flavia.fonseca@emergenciacvp.pt

Spanish Red Cross

The Spanish Red Cross, with 160 years of existence, more than 250,000 volunteers and 12 million beneficiaries per year, is involved in a wide range of health-related activities. Some of these activities include health promotion and disease prevention, the provision of health care services and assistance to vulnerable people, first aid training, blood donation, among others. 

One of the strategic objectives of the Red Cross Health Plan is to “enable healthy and safe living”. 

CRE has established an important challenge to reinforce the preventive aspect of health, and to promote healthy lifestyles to the people it serves, with special attention to the most vulnerable people. Therefore, preventive actions have been intensified, raising awareness of healthy habits, training in health education to improve the physical, psychological and emotional health of people. 

You can find all the lines of intervention of Spanish Red Cross in Health here:

Salud – Cruz Roja

Reference contacts:
– Fatima Cabello, Health department deputy director, fatima.cabello@cruzroja.es
– Sandrine da Cunha, Project manager PIA, sandrine.dacunha@cruzroja.es

Slovenian Red Cross

Slovenian Red Cross, the oldest humanitarian organization in Slovenia, is offering a helping hand to people in need for 158 years. Our irreplaceable contribution towards health and prosperity of Slovenians is vividly shown in implementation of public programs such as: blood donation, first aid; disaster preparedness and disaster response and in strong social welfare activities. All these is achieved with a help and support of almost 13 thousand Red Cross volunteers, who yearly accomplish more than 500.000 hours of voluntary work. 

Reference contacts:
– Ana Žerjal, President of Slovenian Red Cross, ana.zerjal@rks.si
– Cvetka Tomin, Secretary General, cvetka.tomin@rks.si
– Nuška Jerman, Deputy Secretary General, nuska.jerman@rks.si
– Željko Malić, Senior First Aid Officer, zeljko.malic@rks.si
– Vanessa Benak Cvijanović, Senior Volunteers and Youth Officer, vanessa.benak.cvijanovic@rks.si
– Špela Kenda, spela.kenda@rks.si
– Boštjan Novak, Senior Blood donation Officer, bostjan.novak@rks.si
– Maja Murn, Senior Migration Officer, maja.murn@rks.si
– Matic Slapšak, Senior Public Relations Officer, matic.slapsak@rks.si

Project manager PiA:
– Željko Malić, Senior First Aid Officer, zeljko.malic@rks.si