PIA Project Launch

We are excited to launch “Prevention in Action”, a new project funded by the #EU4Health Program, focused on prevention and health promotion, mainly of vulnerable groups, related to non-communicable diseases (NCD) – cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

With representation in 5 countries, the Project is coordinated by Portuguese Red Cross, @cruz.vermelha.pt , through their Disaster Management Department, @cruzvermelha.cne and their Health School @essnortecvp, and Spanish Red Cross @cruzrojaesp , Slovenian Red Cross @rdecikrizslovenije@crocerossaitaliana and Hungarian Red Cross @voroskereszt_hunredcross .

Together we are committed to develop and implement effective and innovative strategies to address the challenges that Europe presents in terms of NCDs.

The Project aims to:
– Promote public awareness of NCD, mainly among vulnerable groups; 
– The development of a Sudden Death Prevention Program related to NCD – cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, to be implemented in the educational community; and
– Evidence-based intervention focused on NCD prevention.

Through an approach that combines medical expertise, community engagement and international collaboration, over the next 24 months, the consortium will work with a focus on promoting the reduction of NCDs in Europe.

Keep an eye out for new updates and find out how you can get involved and support our Project!